trespass eviction management and traveller eviction across Manchester, Cheshire, Warrington, Liverpool, Merseyside, Wigan, Widnes, Runcorn, Halton, Northwich, Bolton, Crewe, Stockport, Oldham, Skemlersdale, Wythenshawe, Rochdale, Trafford park, Stretford, Leigh, St Helens, Ellesmere Port, Kirkby, Blackburn, Prestwich, Altrincham, Salford, Winsford, Middlewich, Birkenhead and all surrounding areas within the North West from Uniqwin.

Trespass Management Manchester and the North West

The Problem of Itinerant Trespass

Imagine this…

Itinerant travelers have occupied your land without consent. There are caravans, vehicles, dogs and horses on your land, car park, private road, or grass verges. Gates have been broken open, fences destroyed, buildings trashed, and a filthy mess is being made.

Common Law Evictions Explained

Under common law you have the legal right to remove trespassers from your land within 24 hours. However it is not always as easy as asking the trespassers to politely leave as they can be quite unpleasant to deal with. Many cases you will find the trespassers to be abusive and uncooperative. This is why many people will pass this right onto an agent who can act quickly and effectively on your behalf. By delegating this to an agent you can also potentially save yourself money and time as they know how to deal with this type of situation in the most effective way.

By acting promptly you are reducing the risk of damage and loss that can result from trespass incursions. The longer that trespassers are in occupation the more rubbish accumulates, more damage is done, the more complaints are received and more business losses are incurred.

Trespass Eviction Management from Uniqwin

We can easily make this problem a satisfactory solution as we operate trespass eviction management teams throughout the UK using our system of eviction. We have been doing this for over 15 years for local authorities, government agencies, industries, commercial and private land owners with effective results.

We provide a complete and full Trespass Eviction Management service which includes trespass managers who are ex-police officers, assessment of risk, advice, security of your premises, temporary or permanent perimeter security, we clean up the mess and we can provide concrete barriers. We always co-operate with the local police and take their advice if needed. This service is all done legally, safely and effectively.

Other typical trespass issues we deal with:

  • Trespass and nuisance caused by off-road motorcycles
  • Evictions through County or High Courts
  • Illegal grazing
  • Evictions under section 77 for local authorities
  • Fly tipping
  • Evictions under section 61, Public Order, assisting the police
  • Abandoned vehicles or caravans
  • Unauthorised vendors
  • Criminal damage to property, trees and crops
  • Unauthorised use of land and property
  • Encroachment
  • Other types of trespass

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